A simple and courageous beginning.

In 2017, the Collection appeared in Brasília, in a simple way and without many resources. He established himself using only the balcony of the building where all the roasting facilities are located today. With a manual grinder in hand, Paulo Lins began preparing and serving the first doses of coffee, always with great care; This dedication quickly gained size and shape in the form of several people who share our motivation, passion and curiosity for coffee.

From the beginning, we have been concerned with offering experiences that enhance each cup of coffee served. From harvesting to preparing our grains, we always seek quality and transparency.

In our spaces, we appreciate design, classic furniture and most of all: coziness. In this way, we build the environment of our stores; always surrounded by good taste and an ambitious and relaxed team, ready to transform simple moments into unique and memorable ones.


When we choose our beans, we taste them looking for clean coffees that express their terroir, processing and variety. Our search is to find some of the best lots that each producer can grow. Paying a fair price with transparency in negotiations helps us maintain longer-lasting and sustainable relationships. This way, the incentive is tangible for them to work even better, improving their land, techniques and experiments. For us, producers are the protagonists of this story, therefore, they must receive their due value and recognition.


Good coffee depends on the quality of the raw material, which is achieved through careful handling of the beans. We believe that there are no shortcuts regarding the quality of what was handled on farms. Care for the land, respect for nature and well-executed processing are crucial points for the final quality of what will be consumed. We look for producers who work with quality grains and who care about the fruits of their land; always wanting to transparently tell the story behind each family and highlighting the inherent beauty of each coffee.


The central objective in our roasting style is to highlight the distinct and unique quality of each batch we acquire. Without hiding anything, we care about sharing clean, delicate and elegant coffees. We believe that each coffee needs a specific profile to shine at its maximum potential and that is why we carry out various tests and tastings in order to serve only what meets our quality standards.