Estevão Douro

Estevão Douro

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This is our first harvest with a coffee from the Douro family. Estevão, together with his sons Thiago, Denizar and his wife Penha, do beautiful work in the mountains of Espírito Santo, a region we love working so much! In this washed coffee we find delicate and elegant notes of orchid flower, accompanied by the sweetness of sugarcane molasses and the fruitiness of papaya. Expect a floral and sweet cup.

PRODUCER: Estevão Douro

FARM: Sítio Denizar

REGION: Marechal Floriano - ES

VARIETY: Catucaí Yellow 2SL

PROCESS : Washed

ALTITUDE: 1000 meters

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douro family

The family's great-grandfather, Ângelo Douro, left Italy with his wife and two children for Brazil in 1891. After arriving in the state of Espírito Santo, they climbed the mountains of Espírito Santo and began their history in Brazil, in the town of Victor Hugo , municipality of Marechal Floriano/ES. Today the property is managed by Estevão Douro, who together with his sons Thiago, Denizar and wife Penha, carry out the entire process from planting, cultivating, harvesting, post-harvest and marketing the coffee.

The harvest is carried out selectively according to the maturity of the varieties. At the end of the day it is wet processed, that is, the fruits are washed and separated. The cherry fruits are peeled and then mechanically demucilated. They are then taken to dry in thin layers on a covered patio.

Concern about quality

The entire process, that is, from the selection of fruits at harvest, their processing, drying and storage of the coffee are carried out carefully to preserve the desirable characteristics that a good coffee requires. All this care gave us a bright coffee full of sweetness, with notes of orchid flower, lemon and papaya.