Josimar Peisino

Josimar Peisino

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Another coffee from the Tomazini family, every year we buy their coffees and we are always surprised. Valdeir and his children, united by passion and dedication, transcend mere agriculture, transforming each coffee into a masterpiece. This lot is the best expression of what is most unique about this region, which we love so much. Expect a sweet, delicate and floral cup, with notes of lychee, dulce de leche and coffee flower.

PRODUCER: Valdeir Tomazini

FARM: Sítio Tomanizi

REGION: Castelo, ES

VARIETY: Catuaí 785 red



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Born and raised in the district of Bateia, in Castelo, producer Valdeir Tomazini tells the story of his great-grandfather Thomas Tomazini, who did not produce coffee on the farm due to the cold in the region. Changes in production only began in 2002, when Valdeir's cousin, Cleziomar, started peeling the coffee. Cleuziomar inherited the curious and pioneering spirit of the Tomazini family and was one of the first in the region to invest in coffee with peeled cherries.

espírito santo

Currently, Valdeir takes care of the quality of the plantations with his family, and gets excited when talking about the management and constant improvement of the quality of the harvest and post-harvest.

honey process

In this method, the cherries go through a machine that presses the fruit lightly, removing only the skin, while part of the mucilage is still around the seeds and so they are left to dry. This mucilage has a tone and viscosity similar to honey, hence the name “honey”. From this technique, we allow the grains to remain, during drying, absorbing the mucilage sugars, promoting a greater chance of sweetness in the final cup. This batch was dried on a suspended terrace, in this way, the grains receive a homogeneous ventilation, which prevents unwanted fermentation and guarantees a more uniform drying.