Filtered on v60

this technique is recommended for coffees with a rest time of more than 14 days and less than 2 months.

The first thing to take into consideration is water. use filtered or mineral water, preferably around 40-70ppm.

temperature: 94 degrees celsius

Grind: medium-fine (close to sand texture)

dose: 14g

scald the paper filter with hot water.

add the ground coffee to the filter holder and level the powder.

Grab your scale and a stopwatch.

pour 50g of water and make sure all coffee is wet during pre-brewing.

then pour the water in a circular motion from the center to the corners with a moderate flow, gently stirring the coffee for about 10 seconds.

soon after, complete the total amount of water finishing the pouring in the center in light flow. shake the filter holder creating a slight circular wave and let the last drop drain. the total time must be between 2'30 and 3'30min.

0'00 -> 50g

0'30 -> 130g

1'00 -> 210g