The customer declares that they are aware that, upon purchasing a Product, it becomes part of the COFFEE ROASTERS ACERVO database, through which they may receive information. If the customer is not interested in receiving this information, they are guaranteed the right to express their opposition, simply by communicating this decision to Customer Service. The inviolability and confidentiality of everyone's registration data are ensured by COFFEE ROASTERS ACERVO. All your information is stored within the strictest security criteria in the ACERVO COFFEE ROASTERS database and is treated in accordance with applicable legislation. Under no circumstances will personal information be provided to third parties unrelated to the provision of services, the subject of this instrument, only generic data used to send direct mail, e-mail, newsletters and as long as it is authorized.

COFFEE ROASTERS ACERVO assures its users/customers of their rights as holders provided for in article 18 of the General Data Protection Law. This way, you can, free of charge and at any time:

Confirm the existence of data processing, in a simplified manner or in a clear and complete format.

Access your data, being able to request it in a legible copy in printed form or electronically, secure and suitable.

Correct your data when requesting it to be edited, corrected or updated.

Limit your data when unnecessary, excessive or treated in non-compliance with legislation through anonymization, blocking or deletion.

Request the portability of your data, through a registration data report that (simplified business name) handles about you.

Delete your data processed with your consent, except in cases provided for by law.

Revoke your consent, deauthorizing the processing of your data.

Find out about the possibility of not providing your consent and the consequences of refusal.

If you have any questions, you can contact us.