a very special collaboration

collection x motors

We started the year by sending our liquid porcelain cups made by Heloísa Galvão to Paris, in collaboration with our friends at Motors, a coffee shop for which we have great affection and admiration for their work.

This piece was produced with the highest quality liquid porcelain and fired at 1260°C.

They are resistant pieces and can be used on a daily basis, incorporated into your routine, bringing lightness and beauty to your home and practices.

Heloísa's collections are divided into series and to bring to this piece not only quality but also Heloisa's personality, we chose the "Liquid Series" which reveals the fluid nature of the material in its irregular, unique edges and its construction records.

We met Motors in 2023, when we received the invitation to spend a weekend serving our coffees in their cozy space in Paris.

We have great appreciation for all our partners during our time as a coffee shop and roaster and we are very proud to be able to share with the world our coffees and products, which are 100% Brazilian and made with so much attention and care.