Espaço Casapark was created due to the lack of space in the city where the world of architecture and design could also pass through culture, art and well-being. The invitation came in 2021 with the intention of adding a cafe to the mezzanine of Livraria Travessa. A fully tailored counter was designed in partnership with Marcenaria Vírgulazero; and together with furniture from renowned Brazilian artists, we built a modern, sophisticated and unique environment. The Casapark Collection is a special space where it adds the values ​​of Casapark together with the ideal of the Collection, thus offering moments of quality and well-being in a cozy and modern environment.

Address: SGCV Sul, Sgcv Lt 12/2, Brasília - DF, 71215-100, Brazil

Phone: +55 61 9947-2279