Amazon vanilla


Krem-yky is the name in Kayapó for Cumaru, known as the "Vanilla of the Amazon" due to its gastronomic similarity to traditional vanilla. In addition to having high nutritional value, it is a food that carries immense cultural value.

When we discovered Cumaru, we switched to using traditional vanilla to sweeten our drinks. We tested this beloved Brazilian spice in our cappuccinos, creams, cold drinks and were delighted with the aromatic complexity they gained. We are happy and excited to learn more about this resource and look forward to creating new drinks and sweets with Cumaru.

These seeds are collected in a traditional way by families of the Kayapó People in the Amazon Forest, located in the southern region of the state of Pará. This productive activity, together with other practices, such as collecting nuts and handicrafts, contribute to generating income for the Kayapó communities, who play a fundamental role in preserving thousands of hectares in the largest tropical forest in the world. The revenue from the distribution of cumaru is destined for twelve villages located in the Baú and Menkragnoti Indigenous Land, associated with the Kabu Institute, in the south of Pará. In these villages, 193 families and almost 1,500 men, women and children live.

This partnership between the traditional collection of cumaru seeds by the Kayapó and their distribution is extremely important for the preservation of indigenous culture and the Amazon forest. By promoting the sustainable use of the region's natural resources, we contribute to maintaining environmental balance and strengthening indigenous communities.

Through this project, Kayapó families have the opportunity to generate income through the sale of cumaru, a product with high cultural and gastronomic value. Acceptance of seeds allows communities to maintain their traditional ways of life, preserving their ancestral knowledge and ensuring the continuity of their culture.

Knowing more about the Kayapó People left us enchanted and excited. Not only for the sensorial experience that Cumaru can provide, but also for the opportunity to combine such special stories in a recipe.