We present to you our new packaging.

We were looking for a unique, sensitive box that had a touch of design and that came from a partnership that connects with us in some way. We were looking for a company that could achieve a result that was not just a commercial coffee packaging, but that could collaborate with us in an artistic way, imprinting a real, human essence.

We were lucky to find Papelaria in Brazil, which in addition to being a design company, has a very sensitive team. Papelaria is a design studio founded by Fabíola and Christian Pentagna, who propose a unique experience with paper. Always used as a base and support for various objects, we can observe its countless transformations, through cuts, folds and colors.

For the packaging model, we were inspired by the dimensions of the innovative box from La Cabra, who have been our partners for a long time. The choice of parchment paper was a simple homage to the beginning of the Collection, when we used this same paper in our menu. Because it is transparent, we can see the name of the coffee through the paper, and this has significance for us because we believe in what is not obvious. Life moves towards obviousness, and, contrary to that, we like people to stop, look and think. Furthermore, transparency represents for us the importance of this element in the world of specialty coffee, transparency with producers, with the entire process and with the consumer. When we place one box next to another or when we open the sleeve of the packages, we realize that the folds form mountains, their tips and reliefs represent our beloved coffees from Espírito Santo.

To designate the cut and fold markings, a machine was used; the rest of the process, such as the folds, were done manually, in an artisanal and unique way. We know that manual work of this type helps to create jobs and enhance the craftsmanship of many people, and we highly value this. By choosing paper as the main material for packaging, we risk the unpredictability of something natural. We are getting closer and closer to achieving 100% sustainable packaging, so the choice of paper was essential.

I will touch your heart is a Papelaria slogan, and that's what you read when you open our box. The idea is that when you open our café you would feel that, life is short and we need to consume and have experiences with things that touch our hearts every day.