The Acervo appeared in 2017 when Paulo Lins, with a manual grinder in hand, began to prepare and serve the first doses of coffee. At first, it was in the reception of the fighting academy of a building, where 3 years later, the roasting of the Collection was established. Gradually, more customers were arriving, and with the demand growing, the space of the building was being filled with mined furniture and slowly the cafeteria was taking shape. Reasonably far from the city center, and with a freedom for creativity and a desire to provide captivating experiences; the collection has been building a space that is concerned with offering experiences that value every cup of coffee served. This drives the atmosphere of our stores, with warmth and professionalism, transforming simple moments into unique and memorable ones.

Address: QE 40 Conjunto H lote 18 guara 2, Guará II, Brasília - DF, 71070-082, Brazil

Phone: +55 61 9643-0177