Liquid Cup

Liquid Cup

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Our exclusive handmade liquid porcelain cup in collaboration with Estúdio Heloisa Galvão.

C: 185ml
A: 5.5cm
Ø: 7.5cm

Perfect for espressos, cappuccinos, filters and teas.

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This piece was produced with the highest quality liquid porcelain and fired at 1260°C.

They are resistant pieces and can be used on a daily basis, incorporated into your routine, bringing lightness and beauty to your home and practices.

We spent an entire year testing and developing our beloved cup with Heloisa and her radiant team.
Her collections are divided into series and to bring to this piece not only the quality but also the personality of Heloisa, we chose the "Liquid Series" which reveals the fluid nature of the material in its irregular, unique edges and its construction records.

The clay pulled from the ravine on a wet day. The smell of the crayon dripping burnt by the candle turning into a drawing. The pulp texture of the first experimental paper. Childhood memories. It has always mattered.

To perceive. To attend. Manipulate. Knowing the qualities of matter and understanding the entire world through things.

Some dialogues with the subject created potentials from research with photographic processes at the Faculty of Fine Arts, at Federal do Espírito Santo, in 1998, to the year of studies at the ceramics studio at Harvard University, in Boston, in 2010.

Understand and consider photography in three-dimensional space as a body in space. Sensitizing new photographic surfaces led me to ceramics.

The land opened up an immense field of possibilities for me. I became familiar with this subject in my studio in Vila Velha – ES, creating pots, many pots – this simplest and most primitive container; this envelope of emptiness, this primordial form that came to replace folded hands.

15 years ago porcelain arrived in my processes, consolidating this dialogue with things in the most absolute power of happening. During my master's degree in visual poetics at the School of Communications and Arts – USP, I developed a translucent porcelain that was the means for the construction of a set of works that start from this dense, resistant material, which tends to weight and explores its limits, seeking lightness and almost immateriality, result of my dissertation “the earth and the construction of a poetics of lightness”.

In 2011, back in Brazil and in my studio in São Paulo, after immersing myself in ceramics in Boston, I developed the “liquid series”, once again driven by the search for a new medium for photography. From this process onwards, I started working with liquid porcelain. Experimenting with shapes, developing colors, reflecting on emptiness, lightness and weight, movement and rest, in a constant observation of nature and its becoming.

To perceive. To attend. Manipulate. The work formed from the behavior of matter and its transience.

Here I continue, in this never-ending dialogue.


Care should be the same as with industrial porcelain or glass: beware of bumps or falls.

Because it is produced with high quality raw material, without pigmentation and fired at high temperature, the piece does not present any problems with chipping or peeling.

It can be safely used in the dishwasher. We do not recommend using it in the oven or microwave to avoid thermal shock.

It is suitable for use with cold or hot drinks and is perfectly waterproofed with internal enamel.

It is only glazed on the inside and maintains the soft touch and color typical of our liquid porcelain on the outside. It can be washed with water, sponge and soap/detergent. If there are any stains resulting from use, it can be renewed by dipping it in a water and chlorine solution and leaving it for 30 minutes.
Then just wash normally.