We believe in the possibility of having light, quality moments without leaving home; and for these moments, we want to share recipes and ways to prepare our coffees.

In this late harvest batch from producer Ed Costalonga, we found different ways of preparation. We realized that with different grinds you can achieve different nuances in the final drink. Grinded coarser, we obtain an acidic, elegant coffee, with notes of fresh blueberry, rhubarb, floral and a light milky sensation; With the finer grinding, we find a denser profile, sweetness reminiscent of dulce de leche and low acidity, reminiscent of ripe blueberries.

For this recipe, we recommend using soft water, around 55 ppm. Water contributes to the sensorial perception of the drink, affecting its structure, enhancing or suppressing the sweetness and acidity, thus modifying the tactile sensation of the coffee.


For preparation, we will maintain the same amount of coffee for water, adjusting or modifying the time and quantity of pours.

For coarse grind recipe (27 clicks on the commander):

Distribute the 250g of water into 5 pours

0:00 -> 50g

0:30 -> 100g

0:50 -> 150g

1:10 -> 200g

1:30 -> 250g

Total time: 2:30

For fine grind recipe (19 clicks on commander):

Distribute the 250g of water in 3 pours

0:30 -> 150g

1:20 -> 250g

Total time: 3:15